Smiling at Daisies

We had a claim bake at our house last Saturday.  Your girls were with their father out of state visiting Niagra Falls. I wish they could have been there. While we were getting the house and yard ready I was surprised to see right in the middle of the lawn this group of wild daisies that just popped up since whenever we mowed last. Sadie was on the mower and I motioned for her not to cut them. Those are Aunt Lizzie’s daisies I said and we left them there for you.

Mom and Dad came, uncles, and aunts, nieces and nephews, our great Aunt Sandee, Rob’s Dad (who turned 88 on August 23). While I ran back and forth setting things up, dragging lawn games out and setting up around them, running for more drinks and more ice, playing with dogs and kids and chatting with family, I kept glancing at them and smiling. I wish you were there but I felt your presence. And I know you’d have picked nearly all of them to make me an arrangement. I plan on leaving them there indefinitely.

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